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Nowadays, the world we live in is full of stressful things and situations. Poverty, famine, crime and all the bad things that are happening around us can make us feel down and unhappy.

In spite of this, life is too short to dwell on unhappy thoughts and sad emotions. What we need is a constant supply of laughter and happiness in our lives in order to accomplish tasks and fulfil our goals and dreams. The simple things that can make us laugh are valuable commodities that should always be cherished.

We at wish to provide you with a regular supply of happiness in your life and the best way we can accomplish this is by creating a list of the best funny wallpapers that you can download and use to provide you with a constant supply of laughter that can help you survive the difficult moments in life.

Funny Wallpapers


The Emotional Stormtrooper

One of the best funny wallpapers on the web about the Stormtrooper that Obi-wan Kenobi performed the mind trick on in Star Wars.

War of the Baby

A funny wallpaper of a baby wearing a military helmet. He looks motivated and ready to fight a war.


A wallpaper image of dog at gunpoint. The dog looked scared and confused.

Rock and Roll Dog

A very funny wallpaper image of a dog wearing sunglasses while playing the guitar.

Hot Dog

An image of a dog in front of a large fan enjoying the cool breeze.

The Face Book Man

Social Media Network humor about a man covering his face with a big book.

The Fattest Animal in the World

Funny animal wallpaper that features a very fat Giraffe.

The Social Tiger

A funny wallpaper image of a tiger checking his email on a laptop.

The Most Dangerous Animal in the World

A funny wallpaper image of a very angry Kitten.

Freeze 2!!!

A wallpaper image of a Kitten held at gunpoint. 

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