Downloadable Christmas Wallpapers for the Holidays

Holidays are special events celebrated in every part of the globe and if you are talking about holidays, nothing is more popular and colorful than Christmas.

Christmas is a Christian holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated every 25th of December each year. But for Christian countries, it is principally celebrated throughout the whole month of December. During these times, people adorn their houses with colorful lights and decorations to prepare for the birth of their savior. It is also the time that children eagerly awaits the gifts that they will receive when Santa Claus, also known as St. Nicholas, visits their homes to deliver their presents.

Here at, we truly love the holidays and to help you prepare for this event, we want to help you decorate your gadgets with our downloadable Christmas holiday wallpapers that you can get at our website for free.

Downloadable Christmas Wallpapers


The Holiday Feast

This Christmas wallpaper image captures the highlight of this holiday season, the Christmas Eve Feast.

Santa’s Smile

This wallpaper image of Santa Claus smiling gives hope and happiness to children around the world.

The Journey before Christmas

An image of St. Joseph guiding the donkey that carries the pregnant Mary into Bethlehem.

Delivering Presents

Christmas wallpaper that shows Santa Claus pulling his reindeer to deliver gifts to children.

The Flight of the Reindeers

Flying Reindeers pulling Santa’s Sleigh to deliver presents around the world.

Christmas Gifts

A Christmas wallpaper image of wrapped presents.

Climbing down the Chimney

Santa wallpaper image that shows Santa Claus on the roof, preparing to climb down the chimney to deliver his presents.

The Golden Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree wallpaper showing a unique golden pine tree in the middle of the forest.

Losing My Head during the Holidays

A funny wallpaper image of Olaf from the movie Frozen, trying to pick up his head.

Santa and the Snowman

A Christmas wallpaper image showing Santa Claus and the Snowman having a great day.

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